Private coaching

You & Me. Let's Build Something Incredible Together

You don't have to know specifically where you need help, you only need the desire to feel better.   Together, we will work to uncover the areas that hold you back & create a plan to help you break through & enjoy your life more.  This work helps you discover what is preventing you from feeling & doing how & what you want to be experiencing both as an individual & in your most important relationships.  

I unlock your potential & maximize your performance by helping you to learn more about yourself rather than telling you where to go.  I honour my clients individuality & help them create a plan specifically tailored to their needs, blocks & goals. 

Tess René Coaching is a premium coaching program dedicated to your personal goals & increasing mental wellness.  I deeply honour you for your willingness to live your life on your terms.



success stories

“Working with Tess has been transformative for me.  She has an open & collaborative approach & makes you feel heard and validated!   Her life insight and knowledge in Psychology brings clarity to my situation & provides the tools & strategies I need to reach my goals.”

"...I so looked forward to chatting with Tess not just for guidance but for her genuine energy and positive company. Every time I left a conversation with her I felt at ease and cared for.  One of the most comforting and accepting people I know by a long shot.  ”

"Tess helped me to settle some of the mucky, muddy waters of my traumatic existence to see still clean waters. She isn't afraid to challenge me to explore more & helped me brave the territory many avoid.  One of the most understanding, intellectual and perceptive people I have been gifted to meet."    

- a. F.

- E. D.

- K. D.


it's personal

Our thoughts are the language that create our healing & our suffering.  We all have the power to change that language, we just have to be taught how.  It matters to me how you feel because I've suffered too.  My expertise provides the methods to heal, but my personal story drives the passion.   

cutting out what doesn't last

SINCE THE ONSET OF COVID, the mental wellness world filled with 'professionals' who offer tricks that don't support lasting change.  I teach you a research-based, custom plan & together, we create steps you can stick to; all of which builds a foundation that supports long-term healing & mindset shifts.

sweat, tears & grit

2 decades of rigorous research & higher education, resulted in a premium coaching practice that yields LASTING patterns of thought change. The methods I teach my clients are the ones I taught myself & the ones that remove suffering.